Questions and Answers

Q. What is Grievance?
A. Grievance is a free company residing on the Midgardsormr Server in the Aether Datacenter. Please visit our website or see our recruiting post on reddit.

Q. What are seals and nuts used for?
A. Seals and Nut Sacks are used to buy a variety of stuff, what most people focus on when they first get started is upgrading their gear and weapons, but you can buy a variety of cool stuff.
Here's a list of items you can purchase with Allied Seals from your grand company's Hunt Billmaster.
And here's a list of items you can purchase with Centurio Seals from Ardolian in Ishgard.

Q. How do you earn seals?
A. You get seals from Hunts. There are Three major ways to hunt.
Daily Regular mark bills.
Weekly Elite mark bills (for B rank hunt mobs).
Rank A (hunt train) and Rank S elite hunt mobs.

Q. Where can I buy the law upgrade items from?
A. You can purchase law armor from Hismena in Idyllshire.

Q. Where can I find the NPC to use the upgrade items that I purchased to upgrade my law items?
A. You can buy the items to upgrade law gear from Ardolian in Ishgard, located inside the Forgotten Knight. You can then use the item purchased there to upgrade the gear at Seika, located in Idyllshire

Q. Why do I not have the option to buy the upgrade items from the NPC in the Forgotten Knight?
A. You need to reach level 60, and complete these four quests.
Let the Clan Hunt Begin
Better Bill Hunting
Top Marks
Elite and Dangerous

Q. Is this a hunt mob?
A. Some tips for quick identification: If its icon is blue, it cannot be an A or S rank. If it is lower than level 50 in 2.0 zones, or lower than 60 in 3.0 zones, it cannot be a hunt mob. If there is more than one of them, it cannot be a hunt mob.

Q. How many Centurio Seals do A and S ranks from 2.0 give?
A. In 2.0 zones A ranks give 40 Allied Seals, 15 Centurio Seals, 30 Allagan Tomestones of Poetics, and 10 Allagan Tomestone of Law.
In 2.0 zones S ranks give 100 Allied Seals, 35 Centurio Seals, 100 Allagan Tomestones of Poetics, and 30 Allagan Tomestones of Law.

Q. Where do I find ???? mob?
A. Check out the zone links to the right and click on the zone. There is a heat map for S, A, and B ranks, as well as daily mark mobs below that one for the 3.0 zones.