3rd Party Applications

3rd party applications in the world of MMORPG's are a well-known mostly black topic. Most all games officially state that the use of 3rd party applications to modify your gaming experience is expressly forbidden, and FFXIV is no exception to this rule. Yoshi-P has on many occasions asked players refrain from using DPS calculators such as ACT, or taking lude pictures of your character using mods. Needless to say, using 3rd party applications can get you into a LOT of trouble, all the way from getting talked to by a GM, to a permanent account ban. So do not use 3rd party applications, do not talk about them in game, do not mention their information in chat such as telling someone how much DPS they have, and do not install nude mods to take lude pictures.

Now that is said, there are many of you who are still curious about what 3rd party programs can do to help you hunt.

Fox Hunt Maps - How to install Fox's Hunt Maps

These hunt maps are a mod that replaces your maps with maps that contain little green icons where the hunt spawn locations are to help you find the marks you are looking for.


Advanced Combat Tracker is the main 3rd party tool used by a lot of players. It has DPS tracking capabilities with lots of customizable overlays for FFXIV. There are other plugins that can be installed such as CACTBOT that performs a lot of functions. Programs like this have “radar” which can detect when certain mobs are in your active game memory (aka its visible on your screen in some form). A simpler form of this is adding custom triggers that can make an audible announcement whenever a specified mob gets loaded into your game's active memory. Here is a list of XML triggers for hunt mobs.
- Endwalker SS and SB Ranks - Endwalker S Ranks - Endwalker A Ranks - Endwalker B Ranks - Shadowbringers SS and SB Ranks - Shadowbringers S Rank - Shadowbringers A Rank - Shadowbringers B Rank - Stormblood S Rank - Stormblood A Rank - Stormblood B Rank - Heavensward S Rank - Heavensward A Rank - Heavensward B Rank - A Relm Reborn S Rank - A Relm Reborn A Rank - A Relm Reborn B Rank